700,000 (and counting)

₩ 700,000 is the price we paid for coffee-to-go over a three-month artist residency in South Korea. While staying at the Incheon Artist Platform (near Seoul), we fueled our work everyday by purchasing coffee from various cafes in the neighbourhood, including the Art Platform's 'Cafe Leaf'. Visiting the cafes, we got to know the cafe owners and practiced our Korean a bit - a valuable get-to-know your neighbours time, and an opportunity to take a walk and get away from the Art Platform for a break.  

We saved all of our coffee cups in our studio, and in the end there were 199 of them. Coffee means many things: concentration, work, addiction, and socialability ...  but to us it mostly means a grand price tag - the cost of doing business. We saved our cups as a kind of accounting method - a data visualization, carried out in analog, and finally made visible through performativity.    

At the end of residency we took the cups outside to the art centre's courtyard. Surrounded by the various gallery buildings and studios, and accompanied by curious members of the public, we counted and measured the cups, and tested their structural integrity. A photo series and a video were the result.