the memelab is a mobile set of experiments, bringing personal, political and aesthetic questions into collective conversation. Together, and with our allies, we strategize new hybrid works with video, sound, performance and the public.

the memelab continues to develop an approach that blends DIY attitude, technological savvy, the blending of artistic forms, and horizontality in social relationships. Our aesthetic exists as an open conversation between the individual aesthetics of our collaborators and contemporary forms of expression.

past experiments

Our work has included the creation of performance in traditional and non-traditional venues; the programming of an underground rehearsal and performance space; facilitation of workshops and collaborative partnerships; and, the curation and production of interdisciplinary art events.  In addition, our recent work includes the creation of photos & videos, performative actions in public space, the development of open-source applications for smart phones, and interactive video performance.

Our work has been shown as part of festivals, exhibitions, and conferences including Incheon Art Platform (Incheon, South Korea), Piksel Festival (Bergen), Techno-Ecologies (Riga), Tracing Mobility (Berlin), Makerplatz (Berlin), The Centre for Endless Progress (Berlin), Open Signs at Transmediale11 (Berlin), The Rhubarb Festival (Toronto), New Forms Festival (Vancouver), The Upgrade! (Vancouver).  We have participated in residencies at Incheon Art Platform (Incheon, South Korea), MARIN Nordic & Baltic Sea Residency (Norway/Sweden/Lithuania), Artengine (Ottawa), and The Banff Centre for the Arts (Banff, Alberta). 

From 2005-2008, we operated a multi-arts space in Vancouver. We facilitated a wide range of artists and community activities, offering affordable event & rehearsal space, an art studio, and a meeting place for various collectives. During this period we co-facilitated some key events & activities at the space, the most important being the Salaam Salon Series. Over the course of several unique gatherings, we integrated works in visual art, media, film, experimental sound, dance, theatre, and performance art. Hundreds of people attended, and a truly diverse array of artists and members of the public were brought together in conversation.  

Our recent activities include a month-long residency at Platoon Kunsthalle (Seoul) in order to develop work with performance and interactive technology, including generative visuals.  And in 2013, we completed development of SoniCity as resident artists at Daimon, a media art centre in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.  Currently, the memelab as a collective is on hiatus, however we can be followed individually as Mirae Rosner and Jesse Scott.