New Piles of Dirt Art

 As a general working rule we've been recording 'collaboration, collaboration, collaboration: (rules, strategies, paradigms)' - a kind of laundry list of jumbled strategies that probably needs washing.

It might just be impossible to untangle this mess, and maybe we don't really want to, since we seem to work well in difficult and contradictory circumstances.

We seem to experience total over-arching clarity as a rare phenomenon ... well, actually, we've never experienced penetrating global insight through a creative process. If we did, then perhaps we would have taken over the world through the total art experience, by now. Isn't that every artist's dream?

For now, we seem quite happy with the state of apparent chaos that is the creative process. Playing with culture can be messy sometimes. We are content with micro orders, cleaning up as we go along .... making new piles of dirt art.

collaboration, collaboration, collaboration: (rules, strategies, paradigms)

get personal
work with less
map and expand territory
shrink territory and keep track of boundaries
think more of us is better
create ridiculous names for new categories
contemplate our peers
work with everyone as a peer
videotape random moments and take awkward unflattering pictures
record conversations, sometimes surreptitiously
drink lots of water
ignore injuries
don't worry about getting the bike stolen
find ways to take time off
make sure the spatial arrangements feel right
make rules, if things aren't working
break rules, if things aren't working
get emotional
trust in baseless assumptions
find new ways to listen
use google docs, telephones, facebook chat, text, skype and email
work apart
work together
avoid situation wisely
confront situations wisely
take vitamins
work close together
trust in not knowing
trust in cliches
try to be as unoriginal as possible
acknowledge that nothing belongs in a vacuum, and we are not test tube babies
think about cynicism
tell the difference between compromise and collaboration
hang on for dear life, don't let go
exercise listening as a form of letting go
be lame
be serious
be funny
be sarcastic
list band names
make unusual hand gestures and create a new sign language
identify when we start to build on each other's ideas
take the time to do a quick overview
research haphazardly
remember the animals and geological time-lines
know that we can't make something that it's not
let the texture of a collaboration reveal itself
worry about time-lines and potential technological snags
get to like spontaneitydetour