Throughout this blog, we will be posting several process-based writings, performance excerpts, and notes that we feel to be prescient to our practice.

The following is the Frequently Aked Question section from "r+w: performative".



Thank you everybody. We realize that this work may raise a lot of questions for you and we have a number of questions ourselves, for ourselves and for each other.

With that in mind, we've assembled a list of Frequently Asked Questions and we would like to go ahead and present these to you at this point.


When did you first discover philosophy?
My memory is uncertain, however I am sure I was not very young at the time.

Where did you get your jeans?
I got my jeans at the Gap.

Are you a little intimidated working in a piece with two male video artists?
Sometimes I feel intimidated walking down the street at night, but this situation has many differences from that situation.

Did you buy that MEC bag when you came to Vancouver? Were you attempting to fit in?
I bought it when i came to Vancouver but I wasn't attempting to fit in. I always buy MEC bags because they last the longest.

Aren't you just reinforcing binary oppositions in your use of black and white? Except when you use grey?

--- silence ----

Why did you grow your hair long?
I wanted to be like a lion.

How often do you change your clothes?
Twice a day.

Is the low budget look intentional?

When did you start going bald?
Approximately the same time I began to grow facial hair. At age 14.

How long did it take to edit all of this?
All of this was edited over the course of 2 weeks. The time in hours was approximately one hundred.

Do you dye your hair darker brown?
Recently I attempted to dye it lighter, but it got darker.

Is this performance art?
Perhaps it is better referred to as performative.

Where you naked when you posed for any of the video footage in the piece?
No. But I posed naked for a photography shoot and a life drawing class before. I also went to Wreck Beach a couple of times.

Where did you get your bike helmet?
I can't remember, but I know that it was a store that also had other bike products.

What do the boxes symbolize?

A symbol is like box with a label on it. -----pause----

You put things into it, you carry the box around with you.

The inside of the box is very personal and hard enough to browse through on our own, but quite impossible to share with anyone else. The box probably has other boxes in it, with labels on them, other symbols that is, in which case we can pull them out and share them around - the labels anyhow, the boxes remain mysterious.

It's only labelled boxes we have for sharing, the insides are impenetrably personal.

Even the labels on boxes within boxes are obscured to us forcing us to look long and hard to decipher them. The outer box obscures everything ...

How did you coordinate all the images?
We rented a studio, put a camera on a tripod, took video images, and took many hours to edit them to small pieces. The pieces are called clips and they are quite short in length, in this case.

As a hairy man, do you find that you have any special grooming techniques to share?
No. I would prefer to single out any other hairy men in the audience and talk to them in confidence.

What software are you guys using?
Final Cut Pro to edit, Modul8 to play it.

As an artist do you feel that you have a political responsibility in your art?
In the past we've worked with overt political aims, however we don't necessarily feel the need to work this way all the time. We do see the importance of working in situations and through methods that are politically conscious.

What do you use to trim your beard?
A razor, an electric one, and a number 3 clip. My moustache is a number 4.

Have you ever been on welfare?

---- silence -----

How come you're always wearing t-shirts?
They're cheaper than dress shirts and easier to take care of and come in just as many colors.

What's with the chairs?
The chair was invented in 1490 by a servant of the Strozzi family of Florence Italy.

Is it easy to use sound with the software?
No, it is not easy.

What did they sit on before they had chairs?
Benches, stools, and thrones.

What draws you to heady philosophical discourse?
Sometimes I actually think it's a distraction because I'm obsessive.

What's with the nose ring?
I got the nose ring when i was 20. I think i got it because of the way they look and I wanted to make a mark on myself because i wanted to make a change in my life. I had just started college. I also wanted to look more 'hardcore'.

Are your glasses vintage?
Yes, I got them from a friend that buys vintage glasses on eBay.

How much does this work, work?

---silence ----

What's the frame rate rate on the video?

What about the codec?
Usually, it's H.264, but I'm also using Motion Jpeg B.

Are you the gay one?
No, but sometimes I think about it.

Give me your real opinion.
The exercise of power in the service of maximizing life carries a dark underside. When the state is invested in protecting the life of the population, when the stakes are life itself, anything can be justified.
Groups identified as the threat to the existence of the life of the nation or of humanity can be eradicated with impunity.
How do you transfer files between each other?
Sometimes we use a disc and sometimes a memory stick.

How do you transfer ideas between each other?
By email.

What is a statement that can apply both to this work and a chocolate bar?
Can i have another piece? I find it interesting,

Why are the boxes piled almost as tall as you are?
The boxes are shorter because they are archives and are part of the past. We live in the present
and therefore we always exceed the past even though the past is always growing as this present moment passes. VIDEO PORTRAIT

How long do you feel like you've been yourself?








Why do you think this will make sense in the art world?


Why did you film it in open studios?

Do you feel that you are powerful?

Have you ever been in a powerful situation?

Sometimes i chew off more than i can bite.

What does performative mean?

Only when we're moving.

Do you think contemporary art is elitist?

Everywhere surfing has already replaced the older sports.

What is the sound of one hand triggering video?

We have passed from one animal to the other, from the mole to the serpent, in the system under which we live, but also in our manner of living and in our relations with others.

Why isn't there dancing in this piece?
I feel like there is dancing in this piece




That is the extent of the FAQ we have prepared; now we are able to field any questions that you have for us...

Questions for audience

Can you list briefly a major theme or two that came up for you? brief statement.

How much have we exposed of ourselves and our identities, how much have we hidden? In terms of who were are, who we think we are, and who we've presented to you.

What other techniques, video or performative, do you imagine would illuminate issues of identity and flux?