Wagons East

As you may well know, the memelab has been travelling eastwards in 2009. We left Vancouver in January, went to Banff, then Toronto, Ottawa, back to Toronto, are about to go to Norway, then maybe Berlin...

Here is a little recap of where we've been:


Fuckn' Das Capital!

This past August, we spent time in Ottawa revamping roots + wires: climbing trees and statues, dancing across wide expanses of lawn, drinking good coffee and sleeping enough. - check out our work in progress (links below). Thanks to Artengine and everyone in Ottawa for the extra hospitality.



Hunters Gathering, La Botega Gallery, Banff AB

In early March, we created an audio environment to augment the opening of new works by Mikhail Miller. Using sounds sourced from grass and trees (see r+w) we produced a live audio set with a dark ambient mood, organic textures and constantly shifting rhythms.



In February, the memelab completed a successful residency, Interarrium, at the Banff Centre for the Arts. Two weeks of thoughful, collaborative, and process-driven exploration. We met lots of great artists and facilitators from across Canada and got a chance to respectively explore new avenues in dance and new media. Jesse did authentic movement. Mirae made a contact mic.

Thank you Springboard and The Banff Centre!

over & out


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