wrapping it up

Our adventures in South Korea are slowly winding down... with presentations at Incheon Art Platform and The Book Society completed, we're finishing up our postcard project and editing the first draft of our cookbook. The overall project - 'Take Me As We Are' - was an exploration in relating philosophy and tangible interactions between people, and it manifested as two separate, but related explorations.  

One is a co-cooking series 'you are what you eat' in which we examine ways to bring people together to cook without a recipe. Besides looking at how we cook food together, we also experimented with what is cooked, and we took the time to investigate recipes with rhizomes.  We brought together people with various backgrounds and interests to reformulate the cooking process, from what is eaten to how it is all prepared, following a collaborative co-creation structure.  

We presented some of the concepts behind this as a lecture and co-cooking experiment at the Incheon Art Platform (Feb.2012) and The Book Society (Mar.2012). Also, we collaborated with a local chef, Yoonseo Lee, and performed a more detailed co-cooking session at her cooking studio in Seoul (Mar.2012).  More details.

you are what you eat'Keep Me Posted' was a person-to-person exchange through traditional post, and in this way gave people a tangible way to connect, and was a novel experience for those who normally do not mail things. We acted as agents to connect people who we already knew and those who we met personally in Incheon and Seoul. 'Keep Me Posted' allowed us to create offshoots of our personal connections, across several continents and with a diverse grouping of friends, relations, and colleagues.  More details. 

Keep Me Posted