Film School Dropout

Film School Dropout is an ongoing video series composed of ad-hoc and spontaneously shot video works, each one specific to an opportunity seized in the midst of the everyday. These videos are mostly composed through captured moments in city life, sometimes depicting our actions, sometimes relying on the found movements of passers-by. Often accompanied by pop music, they aim to add an unashamedly contemporary, 'arty' dimension to the current mileau of popular video production - and a comic and irreverent element to critical image making.

things we never take notice of

2012, HDV. Filmed at Wolmido Quay (Incheon, South Korea). An impulsive, adhoc video, part of our Film School Dropout series. This past Valentine's Day, we found ourselves on the Wolmido Pier in Incheon, South Korea. In February, it's quite an odd and desolate place, Coney Island-esque, full of dirty statues, broken games, poor Korenglish, and sad toys ... We were sitting upstairs in a cafe, and when Lionel Ritchie came on the hi-fi, we couldn't resist ... it was all too perfect.



i'll fly away

2009, HDV. Filmed in Ottawa, Canada. Climbing statues and trees as an impulsive practice lead to this, and three other videos, which place our bodies in relation to various monuments in Canada's capitol city.

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