Invisible A.I.R.

This was a one-day project that brought us to the Shinsegae Department store and accompanying 'Times Square' mall in Seoul. We created our own 'Artist-in-Residence' program for the day, detailing our activities in a journal and producing site-specific and invisible acts of art through-out the space. This included a photo exhibition and a few sculptures created from random trash. As well, we created a dance video to in-situ sound in the underground carpark. (To maintain our secrecy, all of the work was created and documented with our camera phones.)

Invisible A.I.R. was a way for us to personally investigate our role as economic players in society, especially concerning our often economically invisible role as professional artists. By inhabiting a commercial space and deciding to treat it as an official residency (it was decidely not), we played with our status as cultural producers who often do not get paid enough for what we do. Of course, sometimes we do earn money, but it's not always enough in relation to the amount of work we put in. Very often, those that employ us either can't pay enough or know that they can underpay us. This is because we will continue to do art regardless of the economic reward.

The fact that artists will make art no matter what allows for this exploitation and self-exploitation to occur. At the same time, the artist's motivation to create work is highly positive as it testifies to the power of art making to communities and individuals, and the need for art to exist in spite of obstacles. The economic role of the artist is a highly contradictory position ... by conducting this Invisible A.I.R. we hoped to highlight these contradictions for ourselves and leave some invisible and unexpected traces of our work for the public to enjoy.


These photos comprised our exhibit (gallery pictured above). They were taken on our camera phones as we discretely travelled through the mall.