the memelab is an amalgamation of resources, personnel, and problems to solve. We activate light, sound and bodies in an attempt to determine our aesthetic hypothesis.

Engaging a collective structure, we work with our peers as equals. We assert that we can all go further in an atmosphere of trust.

We are necessarily scattered. We benefit from multiple perspectives and approaches. Regions where there's overlap, synthesis and divergence become our temporary home.

Connections, borders, beginnings and terminations ... edges are the places where we can rely only on our intuitions. We follow the imperatives that appear when we are on the cusp of our senses.

We see the contemporary stage as a fluid space. We recognize the importance of a hybrid approach to diverse audiences and a world of flexible meanings.

Map, systematize, stake claim. We borrow, despite our best attempts to be new. As we invite the participation of individuals, ideas, maps and systems … we delineate power relationships and reference the spaces of production. 

We are allowed to make mistakes. We constantly seek new territory. We push against boundaries and definitions. We don't pretend to foresee the outcome of things, because we are a laboratory.  

It is not our intent to alienate ... on the contrary, we want to bring you into the fold. We aim to create activated spaces, small openings, micro shifts, and friendly conversations.