Salaam Salon (I – VII)

Salaam Salon (I – VII) was a series of environmental art happenings curated by the memelab.

From March 2005 through December 2007, hundreds of people experienced new works in visual art, media, film, experimental sound, noise, dance, theatre, performance art, and many more in-between. 

Informal, interdisciplinary and interactive, the salons showcased a cross-section of artistic disciplines to further artist/audience dialogue and interaction.

Participating artists included: 

Alana Grecke, Andrew Taggart, Arthur Swindells, Bergy, Brothers Nodd, Chad Oakenfold, Chloe Lewis, Chris Biggar, Dance Troupe Practice, Daniel Fisher, David Grove, Ejaculation Death Rattle, GR8-2000, her jazz noise collective, Holly Holt, James Whitman, Jane Panek, Kenny Roux, Kiku Haux, Lee Hutzulak, Liam Wake, Lief Hall, Maggie Winston, Marie Horstead, Mark Dahl, Melanie Kuxdorf, Metre, Michael Undem, Michael Undem, Mike Waiser, olo J. Milkman, Performance Sessions, Product Of Neglect Art Collective Ltd., Prophecy Sun, Robert Pederson, Ross Birdwise, Shannon Fitzgerald, Shannon Munro, Society for Public Spontaneity, Steve Calvert, Stu Hughes, Tanya Marquardt, Tanya Podlozniuk, The Creaking Planks, The Golden Apples of the Sun, The Greater Periscope Orchestra, The Lions, Travis Jones, Zac Rothman.

Photos by Tanya Goehring, Shannon Munro, Jason Gowans, Byron Peters.