Techno Ecologies

In November 2011, the memelab held a workshop on locative audio creation using our SonicDrift framework for Android OS in Riga, Latvia. This was part of 'Techno Ecologies' a festival & conference organized by RixC. At the end of the workshop, the students split into groups and used SonicDrift to produce a locative audio experience within the city. We then went out into the city to experience their creations. 

 In this video, we are navigating through a drift setup at the Academy of Knowledge, an iconic architectural and cultural location in Riga. In Latvian, the same word is used for 'knowledge' and 'science' ... the students navigated to each of the four corners of the building and recorded themselves asking passerby 'what do you know' ...


SonicDrift | Techno-Ecologies from the memelab on Vimeo.


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