The Creative City Conversation 

The Creative City Conversation (C.C.C.) was a collaboratively constructed performance bringing together diverse citizens - artists and otherwise - in collective process and discussion about current issues to do with cultural production, public space, civic development and the commons.

The Creative City Conversation from the memelab on Vimeo

Photos by Jessica Gnyp. flickr set here

The impetus for C.C.C. was the buzz around civic development and cultural planning consultation occurring in Vancouver (Canada) over the last few years. Throughout 2006-7, the City of Vancouver initiated a vast consultation process entitled the "The Creative City Conversation", bringing together a variety of citizens in conversation about issues facing Vancouver's cultural sector. the memelab was directly involved in this process as the organizers of an alternative arts space, and as participants and advocates at several community consultations. Through C.C.C. (the art project) the memelab wished to disseminate the conversation to other levels of culture, above and below ground, and experiment with new structures for the communication of ideas about the city.

While C.C.C.'s over-riding area of research was the study of artistic collaboration as a microcosm of social communication structures, it follows a complex and intertwined set of topics: difference and similarities between artistic methodologies and working structures, hierarchy and/versus collaborative process, artistic presentation methodologies, spatial aspects of various artistic pursuits and disciplines, the integration of technology and performance... not to mention current paradigms related to: gentrification, 'creative cities', ownership of public spaces, gender & space, digital communication networks...

C.C.C. was first presented at The Upgrade! Vancouver, January 14, 2009. Participating Artists: Sean Arden, Brady Marks, Olo J. Milkman, Arliss Renwick, Mirae Rosner, Zac Rothman, Jesse Scott, Prophecy Sun. The first instalment focused on underground art spaces and the complexities of small scale cultural development in Vancouver. It incorporated a 4-wall surround media environment, live audio and video performance, installation, text, and dance.

C.C.C. was featured in the March '09 issue of Front Magazine (page 9).