the memelab (space)

From 2005-2008 the memelab operated a multi-arts space in Vancouver. We facilitated a wide range of artists and community activities, offering afffordable event & rehearsal space, an art studio, and a meeting place for various collectives.

During this period we co-facilitated some key events & collective activities at the space:

The Tipping Point A series of curated and open conversations featuring cultural producers, arts administrators, city planners, and practicing artists from various communities in Vancouver. In light of forced closures of several artist-run spaces, this series focused on developing a knowledge base for the successful and gainful administration of venues, building towards legitimacy, and coalition-based advocacy. Co-produced with UNARC and The Franklin Office.

The Critical Response Process A series of artist feedback sessions, led by Laura Hicks. Laura studied the Critical Response Process, a method developed by Liz Lerman, and after an apprenticeship with Liz Lerhman’s company The Dance Exchange, she returned to Vancouver to lead some sessions. The Critical Response process series facilitated the showing of several new works and the supportive generation of feedback for the artists involved. 

Dance Troupe Practice A dance collective formed in 2006, Dance Troupe Practice produces new works that combine dance, sound, media and voice. DTP was formed with a philosophy that explores the border zones between dance and life. The group is committed to the deep exploration of each individual‘s dancing body, and the formation of new works through collective process. DTP is still going strong, members meet regularly and continue to create a steady output of unique, raw and challenging material.


the memelab was featured in the March '09 issue of Front Magazine (page 6).