The Polaroid Wall

The Polaroid Wall was a relationship-centered polaroid project. Over the course of several years, polaroids were collected of each visitor to the space and in the end, the collection reached upwards of 600 portraits. The project was begun by Olo J. Milkman (the originator of the lab space) and we continued the work through the course of our tenure.  Pictures were taken at virtually every public event, as new visitors' memberships were processed and their likenesses recorded.  

During our final Salaam Salon, we presented Everyone Who Has Ever Been Here and Why, where we notated the pictures from memory, and allowed the audience to contribute and correct throughout the course of the night.

The polaroids remain as a valuable document depicting a community of intersecting members, particular to a specific time and geography.  

Photos by Arthur Swindells, Elisha Clement, Tanya Goehring, Byron Peters.