A photo diary detailing life as newcomers to Berlin

Consisting of snapshots from photobooths based in the Berlin U-Bahn system, this series traces our initial explorations within the city, and relays a very particular way of learning and navigating the city landscape - popping up like a groundhog at various intersections and waypoints.   

Each photo was taken at a public photo booth for approximately €2,00.  Berlin's U-Bahn system is peppered with these, and they are commonly used for passport photos, fun group pictures, waitng for the next train, eating fast food, staying warm, maybe even necking ... and perhaps other activities, too.  

We-Bahn is a psychogeographical portrait of the U-Bahn system, told through our daily transportation encounters, and accessorized with important objects of discovery and practicality. It was shot spontaneously and each photo is closely tied to our daily activities.